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Our goal, as all breeders, is making profit of our livestock. For this reason, we have introduced new technologies such as the milking robot and the transplant of embryos, a fundamental technique in genetic improvement allowing to own animals with great genetic value, placing us among the best livestock in the State per ICO, with over 200 players.

Mas Gener has a large genetic tradition.

Year 1968. It starts the named holstein process, insemination with semen from American holstein race by the American Breeder Services company.

Year 1980. It begins the oficial milk control with SEMEGA.

Year 1987. Data from the milk control of Mas Gener move to the genealogical book of the Spanish Frison Race ANFE -currently, CONAFE

Year 1989. Farmers of AFRIGI enter as partners in the Artificial Insemination Centre of ABEREKIN. This fact gives the opportunity to Mas Gener to use first class young at an affordable price.

Year 1990. BLUP technology is available. It starts the use of genetic indicators as a selection tool.

Year 1994. The reproduction is being computerised. It starts the use of the technique to transplant embryos to improve technical production, conformation and profitability.

Year 1995. Mas Gener begins the Elite programme from the Insemination Centre Aberekin to obtain the best mascles from the best genetic lines.

Year 2010. Mas Gener incorporates genomics as a selection tool, sending and registering females to the United States.

Year 2013. CONAFE starts the first genomic GICO assessments at national level. By the first half of 2013, three of the animals of Mas Gener were placed in the State top ten.

Mas Gener has implemented more than 50 American embryos and it has successfully extracted 20 females. Currently, it makes 10 annual extractions of embryos and implants more than 60 embryos with an accumulative range of more than 70 superovulations and 700 transfers.

Each year, males of Mas Gener families of cows  enter into the ABEREKIN testing program.

Mas Gener selection is based on families of cows of the best genetic lines with many generations MB or EC, high genetic rates and genomica; accompanied by high life production and always with potent "sire stack".

They take care of details and secondary characteristics: cells, productive life, consanguinity, fertility of daughters and pedigreed.

All tools are being used in order to get the best genetics: from genómica to morphological classifications, milk control, pedigrees,…

Currently, 50% of the herd of Mas Gener has its origin in the best North American cows per CTPI of each moment, selected from families of international name.